Hair loss is explained in seven simple stages of balding. Hi guys how are you?

Welcome back to another information topic on Stages of Balding, also this new video on the Youtube Channel we talked a lot about hair loss product stuff for thinning hair, different types of male pattern baldness stuff to boost and treat it naturally.

But I want to go back to the roots of bald head stages and look at really hair loss causes and the balding timeline of male pattern baldness stages also female.

seven stages of balding

What is Norwood Scale?

Now, this Norwood scale was created by someone called Hamilton.

It was created in the 1950s, and then it was sort of rejigged and developed or redeveloped into the 1970s by someone called Norwood, now this scale is a Norwood balding chart scale that’s used by doctors, by clinicians, and by surgeons for hair transplants and it’s become kind of the go-to.

So in this one, I want to go through those seven stages of blading and show you visually where you might be on that Norwood scale and also some treatment and things you can do to help prevent hair loss and moving up that balding stages scale now.

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At what age do men go bald?

Now hair loss can start as early age as puberty, so really you’ve just begun to grow that hair out, and then you start to lose it, but this is very individual, you could have a male who’s in his 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s who’s at the beginning of male pattern baldness and lose his hair or recede.

But I should say there’s a full solutions area for man from I’ll have already linked it up there it’s got loads about hair loss information there also stuff about treatments, and surgeries, so if you want to do some research it’s all there.

But this 7 signs of balding chart scale should help you see where you are there.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 1: It’s kind of where your first stage of balding started, you’ve got all your hair no receding hairline stages, and it’s looking good.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 2: You’re starting to see a slight recession and that starts on the temples, so the hair starts to move back on the Norwood stage 2.

Now as we know prevention is better than cure so I’m really pleased to be working with (PHL) which means Prevention Hair Loss, I actually did the genetics study so genetic test about two years ago just to see the likelihood of me losing my hair, but PHL is the only UK brand all for a genetic test for men and also when I work out some solutions and through loads of their clinical studies.

The ones I was involved in they’ve created a broad range of products to really target hair loss and also to help prevent it.

How there are loads of hair loss products on the market some of which I’ve used, some products to boost bald head types and thicken hair, but really their unique selling point is that they use an ingredient called Redensyl and natural products like Restolin which all of these products as made from plants that are found in South America.

They are the not only found in UK brand, but the plants also made up these product are 100% natural and does actually have anti-inflammatory properties to help boost the hair follicle to target where the hair is growing from when into its growth phase. Now I’m someone that really believes in facts and actually looking at studies and they find that eighty-four point six percent (84.6%) of people that use these products for 90 days find it effective so for me I think that’s a real winner.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 3: Now on the Norwood stage 3 of hair loss you’re going to start to see that the hair is coming back even further and that might create a U-shape and M pattern baldness or a V shape.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 4: Now in the Norwood scale stage four the receding is even more severe and you’ll find that it’s little-to-no hair on the vertex, which the scalp and the hair will be connected by a band of hair that will connect the remaining hair on the side of the scalp and you might also experience thinning at the front of your head.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 5: Now at this stages of balding the band of your hair around the scalp connects into the side of the scalp will start to narrow it’s also at this point that you’ll start to see the sort of horseshoe shape of the hairline really, at stage 5 this is where treatment starts to get a lot harder, so again guys prevention! if you’re starting to see something at stage 2 that’s where you want to start looking for treatment.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 6: This is where all the sort of hair loss starts to join up and you’ve got that pronounced the horseshoe shape any remaining hair on the crown of the head will be extremely thin and the bald areas that the temples will join up with a balding of the scalp.

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 7: Which is the final one of the male pattern baldness stages scale at this point you’re considered to be bald, if you do have any hair on the top it will be extremely fine and you might still have the band of hair around the sides.

Now those are the seven stages of balding on the Norwood scale. There is a new scale call Norwood Class A Scale This is where the hair sort of moves back in the receding and you’re not going to have anything hair moving from the scalp, but only that circular bits at the top, and you might just have it all your hair moving back from the hairline.

but guys what I would say is to check out the scales do some more reading from this website Stages of Balding I’ve got loads of imfomation on hair loss. And please leave reviews.

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